Damaraland Safari

A remote wilderness where desert rhino roam

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If you long to feel the dust on your skin, the giant skies above you and the stars within reach, a Damaraland safari is for you. Dramatic, inspiring and remote, Damaraland is without a doubt one of Namibia’s most visually spectacular landscapes. It’s also one of the most ancient.

Discover the famous collection of authentic San rock art and engravings among the red-rock mountains of Damaraland. From the vast expanse of the Brandberg to the eerie formations of Spitzkoppe and on the cave walls of Twyfelfontein. Encounter real-life experiences etched into the rock on a Damaraland safari. There are more than 2000 engravings on the sandstone in the Twyfelfontein valley.

Damaraland is also home to the elusive desert elephant, specially adapted to the water-scarce terrain. These mighty giants share the landscape with gemsbok, rhino, zebra and even lion, all of whom manage to thrive amongst the rocky outcrops and rough-hewn plains. This raw, survival-first feel, is what makes a Damaraland safari particularly attractive to adventurers. 

Best Time to Visit Damaraland:

The best time for a Damaraland safari is during the dry season (May to October). However, it remains an exceptional year-round destination, although rather hot during the summer months.



Like a stone monument, the Vingerklip is one of Namibia’s most famous rock formations.

Twyfelfontein contains at least 2500 engravings and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

The Brandberg Massif is home to the highest peak in Namibia and most well-known for its ancient rock art.

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