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Red-ochre dunes, the highest in the world

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If you think of Namibia, the first images that come to mind are most likely the rolling dunes of Sossusvlei. It’s no surprise considering you’ve seen them countless times before in films, commercials and fashion shoots. In fact, Sossusvlei is the most photographed landscape in Africa. But seeing the world’s highest dunes on screen is nothing compared to experiencing them in person. Indeed, a holiday to Namibia is not complete without a Sossusvlei safari.

One of the oldest and driest ecosystems on earth, Sossusvlei is Namibia’s most popular tourist attraction. However, you needn’t worry about overcrowding here. The dunes form part of a 32,000 square kilometer sand sea that covers much of the country’s southern region. As for getting up close and personal with the dunes themselves, the only way to truly get the measure of Sossusvlei is to hike one of its dunes and watch the sunrise over the Namib, the world’s oldest desert.

Photogenic beyond words, the wind is forever altering the shape of the dunes while its colors move according to the shifting light, transforming from pastel pinks into fiery reds. If you’re visiting Namibia for a transformative travel experience, a Sossusvlei safari is an excellent place to start.

Best Time to Visit Sossusvlei:

You can enjoy a Sossusvlei safari at any time of the year, but to capture the best photos of the landscape, the dunes are best visited at sunrise and sunset.



Arrive at dawn and begin your hike up the ochre-red Dune 45, the largest and highest dune at Sossusvlei.

There’s nothing more inspiring than floating over the multi-facetted Sossusvlei landscape in a hot-air balloon.

The ghostly Deadvlei is dotted with camel thorn trees which provide a striking contrast against the white clay.

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