West Coast, South Africa

West Coast Wonders

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A road trip up the starkly beautiful South African West Coast is a completely distinctive vacation experience.

This coastline of long beaches dotted with quaint seaside villages like Yserfontein, Saldanha, Langebaan, Paternoster, St Helena and Lambertsbay; is known for its abundance of South African crayfish, or rock lobsters, known locally as ‘red gold’.  

Stretching from Cape Town up to the Northern Cape border at Touws River, the Cape West Coast encompasses the Cederberg Mountains with their centuries-old rock art, the pristine West Coast Nature Reserve and a wide array of water sport attractions. You can also explore the West Coast Biodiversity Corridor or the Culture and Foodie routes – there is something to suit everyone’s taste. 

Kite surfers from around the globe travel to this region, drawn by the expansive turquoise lagoon waters, stable cross shore winds and secluded location of the Langebaan lagoon which presents the perfect conditions for entry level and professional kite surfers alike.  

Further north, at picturesque Paternoster, the international-award-winning Wolfgat restaurant is a culinary “must”. Located in a 130-year old building near the archaeologically and geologically significant Wolfgat cave, this restaurant is known for creating sublime seafood- focused meals, delicately seasoned with local herbs, seaweeds and succulents. 

Of course, the entire West Coast is famous for its magnificent flower season, when the rains magically transform the arid landscape into a magnificent blanket of wildflowers. This is a spectacular event, made all the more alluring by its brevity and intensity. Flowering season peaks between August and September, but can take place a month or two either side, depending on conditions. 

Best Time to Visit the West Coast, South Africa

The West Coast area is less touristy and more temperate than many tourist destinations, with a low chance of precipitation.  Visiting the West Coast during Spring, from September through November, offers pleasant temperatures as well as a chance of experiencing the wonder of the Flower Season. 


The year-round outdoor destination for water activities like surfing, fishing, sailing and kayaking.

Walk the Cape West Biosphere Five Bay Trail along the rocky coastline between Paternoster and Jacobsbaai.

Stop by for a wine tasting at the Darling Winery, and perhaps take in a show at Evita se Perron.

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