Without a doubt, one of the most requested wildlife encounters to Africa is a gorilla trekking safari.

Searching the indigenous forests of Rwanda for these incredible creatures is an unforgettable bucket-list experience, as Peter-John our CEO found out on his recent trip

Rwanda: Gateway to Gorilla Trekking
Peter-John, Explorer CEO in Rwanda

Here are are some tips of what to do, what to bring and what to expect on a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda: 


Before your hike, get yourself a water-resistant pair of hiking boots. Make sure they have been well walked in before attempting the trek, as you will need to anticipate a slippery forest floor. 


The trek to the Mountain Gorillas can take anything from 90 minutes to 3 hours. These graceful animals do nest, but also love to move, so we hike after them, and not they after us. As the ascent, and descent can be steep at times, comfortable trekking poles are very useful. 

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari
Gorilla trek in Rwanda


Gaitors will help keep mud or any lose stone entering your shoes, and keeps your trousers dry around your ankles. Gloves I found very useful during the trek to protect your hands against the vegetation and will assist in holding onto trees and plants for support. 


Make sure to purchase some weather-proof hiking trousers with zip up pockets to keep valuable items, like an extra SD card for your camera, your passport, and some cash to tip your porter. 

Luxury Eco-Conscious Rwanda Gorilla Trek
Come prepared and trust your guides


I would suggest a short- sleeved shirt, but layered with a warm waterproof top for possible drizzle during your trek. 


Make sure to bring along a comfortable and well-fitting backpack for your camera, a water bottle and lose items. 

Gorilla Trekking Top Tips
Young gorilla in the Volcanoes National Park


This is a once in a lifetime experience for most. It makes it easy to capture your special moment with a camera with good zoom and video function. I would also suggest to take your mobile phone with you (on silent) as purposed second camera, just in case your primary camera fails. Make sure your device batteries are loaded prior your hike, and have an extra data card available, you want to treasure as many pictures possible in the 1 hour allowed with the gorillas. 


Gorillas are gentle giants but are still wild animals. Listen attentively to your guides, and your experience with the gorillas will be memorable. 

Rwanda’s forests are thick and can be slippery.


Before you start to hike you will be offered the help of a porter who will assist carrying your backpack. Do make sure of this service and keep a 20 USD bill aside to tip your porter at the end of the hike. These locals value every small gesture, and it ensures they continue to support the conservation of the gorillas. 


Memories are made in a moment, make every moment count! Take time just to breathe in your surroundings and to appreciate where you are. 

If you’re looking to include a gorilla trek into your East African safari this year, or as part of your 2022 safari, then get in touch with us today. 

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