Written by Shanaaz Ziervogel

Travel Planner Shanaaz recently had the opportunity to join a unique cultural experience in Salt River, a suburb of Cape Town.

Baz Art is a local organisation that produces works of art for both rural and urban public spaces, and also offers interesting street arts tours in the area. 

Salt River is famous for some iconic works of art from up to 20 years ago, with over 125 buildings displaying a unique showcase of artists from around South Africa and internationally.  

We were very excited to meet our passionate and insightful guide, Craig Barrowman. Craig knows many of the local artists and their powerful causes. It was fascinating to learn how these art works have been transformed over time and their meaning to the local communities. 

We felt like we were taking a stroll through an open-air gallery, walking outside in the buzzing streets, stopping to admire these beautiful murals. The duration of this walking tour is approximately 2 hours and boasts iconic street art from almost 20 years ago, as well as showcasing new and upcoming artists who are making their mark by adorning the walls with colour, messages and self-expression. 

Craig stops at each mural, highlighting its history and the message behind each artwork.  In particular, we really loved the artwork of the boys in the library, one reaching for a book and the other one reading on an iPad. This really showed us how times have changed.  There are now more than 100 works in the area; an absolutely incredible experience! 

We felt very safe and comfortable with Craig, who was very informative and great fun! This Street Art Tour can also be enjoyed as part of a specialist lead gallery and museum tour, in collaboration with other art experts. What an incredible immersive South African experience. A secret little gem that should be on your ‘To Do List’ when you visit Cape Town

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