At Explorer Safari, you are not just a number. In every step of your safari planning and travels, you will encounter passionate people to assist you in making your African dream come true. 

Get to know our team, what inspires them about travel, why they love safari, and their personal recommendations on where to go. 

Today we chat with Pauline Deleplanque, one of our dedicated Travel Planners

Get to Know Pauline - Explorer Safari Meet the Team

My name is Pauline, but my friends call me Lilly. I am originally from France but have lived in several different places over the last 15 years, finally settling in Cape Town, South Africa about 8 years ago.  Travelling has always been a huge part of my life, from the first time I left home at 15 years old to join a host program in Telluride, Colorado, to my choice of career in making travel dreams come true.  I have one main criterion to assess how my life plan is going and that is to always have visited more countries than my age! I am down to 35 so far in 4 continents, and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon!  

I am also a dedicated yogi; I recently followed this second passion and became an accredited yoga teacher. You will often find me upside down on my mat in all the beautiful places that Cape Town has to offer! 

Get to Know Pauline - Explorer Safari Meet the Team

What is something you never go without on safari?

Working in the travel industry seemed like the obvious choice for me so that I could share my love for discovering and learning about new countries, new landscapes, and new cultures. I love that I get to experience so many beautiful places and meet amazing people as well as facilitate these experiences for others.  

Since moving to South Africa, I have developed an absolute love for the African continent, its people, and its wildlife. Going on safari is, in my opinion, a life-changing experience. But don’t forget your sunscreen, the African sun can be ruthless! 

What is the most thrilling sighting you have experienced on safari?

Friends and family often ask me about my most memorable experience in the bush and I never skip a chance to tell them so I will not skip this chance to tell you. We were on our last game drive before heading home and we spotted three young lions walking down the path close by a giraffe feeding on tree leaves. The three youngsters decided to take a chance and practice their hunting skills. They slowly approached the unaware giraffe, crawling through the high grass. Neither the lions nor the giraffe was aware of our vehicle.  

When one of the lions decided to make his move, the giraffe ran past us, ignoring the vehicle, running for its life. The lion went into pursuit but got startled by us for a second. That’s all that it took for the very lucky giraffe to get away and the lions to lose this fight. I can still feel the excitement and the adrenaline looking at this live “Animal Planet” encounter.  

Get to Know Pauline - Explorer Safari Meet the Team

What’s your favorite sundowner (sunset cocktail) on safari?

I would always recommend trying out some local gin and tonic (try fynbos or hand-crafted botanical gin!) while watching the African sunset over the beautiful landscape.  

What is your favorite beach in Africa?

After you have seen it all on safari, don’t forget to stop by Cape Town, experience its beauty, its world-renowned restaurants, and its beautiful beaches. My personal favorite is Clifton 3rd Beach on the Atlantic Seaboard. You will find me there, trying new yoga shapes at sunset! 

What is your favorite animal and why?

As much as lions and other big cats ensure the utmost excitement in a game drive, my personal favorite animal to see on safari is baby hyenas. They are just the cutest! 

Come and experience all the beauties of the African Continent. We are waiting for you! 

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