Written by Lauren Maker

It is so lovely to see that a very well-known property has been revived by a new owner, new crew and they are determined to take first place. Introducing the new Vergenoegd Low Wine Estate. 

Vergenoegd Low Boutique Hotel & Spa is set within one of the oldest wine estates in the Western Cape and is situated on the banks of the Eerste River. The state dates to 1696 and was declared a national monument in 1974.  This includes the historic Manor House and its ring wall, as well as wine tasting, event spaces, two Bertus Basson restaurants, and the Boutique Hotel and Spa.  I was invited to walk around, get the feel for its luxurious accommodation, taste its exceptional wine and enjoy lunch at Geuwels.   

History and heritage all come together in perfect harmony here. The farmhouse has a barn, slave lodge, threshing floor and cellars over 300 years old.  As part of their European Heritage Project, the WWF takes care of this historic site.  Its clever play on keeping the very relevant yet historic elements, has you literally gasping as you enter each room. Perfectly decorated with an eccentric feel, is something I have not seen before in the Winelands.  

Geuwels and Clara’s Barn are two new restaurants at Vergenoegd that the famous chef Bertus Basson keeps adding to. Both restaurants are run by the talented chef Drikus Brink, who is well-known in the fine dining industry as the co-owner of Geuwels and the former Overture Restaurant. His experience and flare show in every morsel you eat! 

Every one of the 15 guest rooms, including the Presidential Suite, is in a different part of the huge estate. This gives each guest the most privacy possible. There are many kinds of rooms and suites, each one uniquely designed. 

If you’re looking for something more traditional than the ultra-modern Vineyard Suites with their floor-to-ceiling windows, you should check out the rooms in the ‘Old Farm Manager’s House’, which exude a blend of modern traditional elegance with their unique furnishings that span centuries. 

The farm is currently constructing six more traditional Cape vernacular cottages ideal for families. Ideal for a romantic getaway, a trip with the family, or a vacation with a large group of friends, Vergenoegd offers something for everyone. Each room is lavishly decorated and equipped with state-of-the-art conveniences. There is a private outdoor shower, pool, or jacuzzi on each balcony or deck. 

I love this incredible old property that looks so new yet elegant and classy! 

And the best part of it all is you might get a visit by the 1000 Indian runner ducks that form part of the organic pest control measures employed on the farm.

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